Recover abandoned carts

Drive more sales by recovering buyers that abandoned their carts


Increase conversion rate


Visitors that didn't complete their purchase


An email is automatically sent to the customer one hour after a cart is abandoned

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How do abandoned cart recovery emails work in Aument?

With Aument’s abandoned cart action, you can set up automatic email notifications to customers who leave your store without completing an order.
  • An email is automatically sent to the customer one hour after a cart is abandoned.
  • You can customize our templates to match your brand.
  • The email includes a “finish checking out” button that links to the customer’s cart so they can complete their checkout.
See more sales by recovering abandoned carts

By sending abandoned cart recovery emails you can:

  • Re-engage potential customers
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Increase your sales and revenue
  • Improve the customer experience

How to activate the abandoned cart recovery action

On Aument, go to “Actions”. Select “Abandoned cart recovery”

Customize the template to match your brand and message

Save changes and click “Start”


France-based Bombastic Body by MC sells cosmetics and accessories, as well as personalizable gift boxes.

Before Aument: Customers were adding beauty items to their carts, then leaving the store before check out. These lost sales are known as abandoned carts.
After Aument: Bombastic hit “play” on Abandoned Cart Recovery and immediately saw 33% increased sales, month to month.

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