Pop-up notifications

Turn visitors into frequent shoppers with pop-up alerts and notifications


Convert visitors and grow sales


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An alert will pop up at the optimal time based on
previous calculations

How to convert with Aument's pop-ups

With Aument’s pop ups, you can set up automated notifications to convert visitors, grow your following, and increase sales. 

  • Aument calculates the optimal time to pop notifications up.
  • Customizable templates are provided to match your brand.
  • Notifications will be shown to your customers when they visit your store to incentivize them to get offers and discounts.


Girl shopping online after pop-up notifications showed

By activating pop-us you will:

  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Grow your sales
  • Grow your following

How to activate pop-ups

On Aument, go to 
“Pop-up notifications” 

Activate pop up notifications on Aument

Select a discount  to incentivize
your customers

Activate discounts for your pop up alerts

            Customize a template, save action and launch.

Customize one of our pop-up templates

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