Dueña de ecommerce pensando en los errores que frenan el éxito de su tienda Shopify

3 mistakes that hold Shopify stores back

Chances are, you’re making these mistakes in your store, because they’re holding tons of other Shopify stores back. 

To build our automated marketing platform, we analyzed hundreds of Shopify stores. Along the way, we spotted several common mistakes. It’s normal not to know these things if you’re starting out — even some marketing experts miss them. That’s why we’re here! We want to set your small store up for greatness.

So, if you identify with the dozens of shop owners who asked us “how can I improve my store and increase online sales?” start by checking your site for these 3 pitfalls. Not only will you grow sales, you’ll also get brand loyalty and return shoppers to your Shopify store.

1. You’re not linking to social media from your store website

It’s surprising how few small stores link to their Instagram or TikTok profiles — profiles they spend time lovingly curating. We know many of you are on Pinterest and Meta, so add a social button and help customers find you on those platforms! Pro tip: check the link after publishing, sometimes the links break and this makes online stores look a little shady.

Why does this grow sales and brand loyalty?

First, customers who see you on more than one platform are likely to believe you’re a legitimate brand. Buyers are filtering so much spam and sidestepping scammers, that many need to see proof you’re the real deal. Second, customers might want to see more of your products; your social media sites are the perfect place to showcase your wares.

Illustration of why does social proof grow sales and brand loyalty, person working in a store

2. Your product is missing social proof

A short testimonial with a photo from a happy customer is all it takes to build trust in your store! However, if you can get a longer explanation of why they loved your product, how and when they used it, and if they’ve bought more than once, that’s gold dust for Shopify stores.

Make sure you’re asking your friends and family to support your business not only by buying, but also posting their recommendations of your product online, so you can reshare it! 

Why does this grow sales and brand loyalty?

Everyone wants to know they’re buying a quality product, no matter the price. Testimonials from other customers persuade potential buyers of this by being relatable. These can be added to your website and reposted on social media.

3. You’re not rewarding referrals

Strangely, many owners of Shopify stores wonder “is a loyalty program a good idea?” We say this is strange because A LOT of your initial customers are going to come from word-of-mouth marketing

Some ways to reward loyal customers for referrals include: 

  • Sending a free gift to the referee and your initial customer when they successfully refer a new buyer.
  • Offering a discount on their next purchase if they share 3 emails of people they’d like to refer.
  • Sending them personalized bundles from your store that shows you really know them, and offering the same to anyone they recommend.
  • Triggering a simple thank you email to them for referring a new friend of your brand.

You need to be tapping into those that know and love you already! These are the first steps to building a brand loyalty program.

Why does this grow sales and brand loyalty?

If you reward your loyal buyers, they’re even more likely to talk about you. Thanking them is also an excuse to reach out and remind them about your store. Staying top-of-mind is half the battle to building repeat purchases.

How many of these mistakes were you making? We hope you caught them before it’s too late! 

If you’re new to ecommerce sales and would like to see more tips for store owners, our CEO wrote down exactly how to get your first sales, step-by-step.

When you’re ready to grow sales, build more brand loyalty, and drive revenue, install Aument. We take care of marketing Shopify stores, and require no effort on your part. 

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