3 things that boost sales for ecommerce making under $5K per month

To keep your company going, you need to see sales soon. And to boost your sales as a small company, there’s no time like the present! 

The 3 strategies you need to be implementing as an online store, to increase your revenue, even if you’re currently bringing in much under US$5,000 on a regular basis, are:

  • Welcoming your new shoppers with a timely email
  • Marketing your store at seasonal events, gift-giving holidays, and during sales season
  • Automations to bring one-time buyers and cart-abandoners back to checkout

Let’s go into more detail on how to use these 3 actions to increase sales, and what your store might achieve if you do!

1. Welcome new customers

Any store, in any niche, needs to make the first contact with a customer that either purchases from them or signs up to their list of subscribers. 

What happens when you welcome shoppers?

  • A wellness company increased their sales by 94.7% MoM with a welcome flow.
  • A children’s lunchbox store brought in US$1562 solely from welcome emails, increasing their monthly revenue 47% with that sole action.

How can you increase sales with welcome emails?

To have someone to whom you can send welcome emails, you’ll need to collect subscribers, through manual collection or a pop-up for example. Next, design a warm welcome email with images of your products, a header of your logo, and links to shop now.

If you use Shopify, you can personalize templates designed by marketing experts to your liking, and automate their sending via Aument.

2. Set up seasonal marketing

Seasonal or holiday marketing is key to online retail. No ecommerce should be without their own campaign to attract buyers with a timely message. What’s awesome about holiday marketing emails is they have a purpose: you’re not simply writing to offer a discount, you’re sharing something useful.

For example, a children’s toy store should holiday market around the Day of the Three Wise Men in January and Children’s Day in April. On the other hand, a children’s stationery store should remind their buyers about their products in the lead-up to back to school, as well as during half term holidays.

What happens when you market ahead of holidays?

  • A barbeque supplier made US$1,903 in sales just from one seasonal campaign, and then US$7,970 from a welcome flow.

  • A bamboo fabrics shop made 103% more revenue during the month they launched a Mother’s Day campaign.

How can you increase sales with seasonal marketing?

Firstly, choose a handful of holidays that are relevant to your products. Next, consider how you will write to customers for that holiday. If you plan to market via SMS, you can grab inspiration for SMS texts here

Next, consider appropriate photos of your products, and perhaps stage some holiday relevant images. Here are some ideas for how to add visuals to your seasonal campaigns. Colors are your ally! You don’t have to include holly and fir trees in your Christmas marketing, but you might choose a red and gold background in your product images to evoke a festive spirit.

3. Recover latent buyers 

Now that you’ve captured some more loyal customers as well as new buyers, what about those that are just window shopping? 

There are many customers who you might consider at-risk of dropping off the radar, should they discover something new and shinier, as well as people who’ve never bought from you, but have shown interest. Nudge those people to make a purchase with abandoned cart recovery emails, second purchase incentives, and winback strategies.

What happens when you track at-risk buyers?

  • An exercise brand brought in US$504 more from first-time buyers, simply by activating second purchase incentives.


  • A computer supplier recovered US$4,400 of abandoned carts with no leg work, only activating Aument
  • A brand selling country accessories brought in 21% of its average revenue, solely through Aument recovering abandoned carts.

How can you recover sales from latent buyers?

You should look into abandoned cart recovery first as this is an easy, quick win for many stores. Emails should be sent the same or the next day, after they abandon shopping on your site, to remind them to purchase. You may offer a discount in your second or third communication with the shopper, to tempt them. 

The same strategy might be used to nudge one-time buyers or for customer winback: remind them about why your products are unique and desirable, then offer discounts if the first message doesn’t land you a sale.

Which are the best Shopify apps to increase sales?

The easiest way to increase sales is to automate your outreach to customers. Aument is run by marketing pros who make selling easy, by offering plug-and-play automations that you can leave running, generating revenue, while you focus on tasks that need your attention more.

Contrary to other apps that promise to increase sales, here we’ve shared our numbers for stores that average less than US$5,000 in revenue every month. If they are growing their sales 90 or 100% from their first month of installing Aument, what’s stopping you?

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