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5 ways to stand out from the crowd on Black Friday

With Thanksgiving weekend comes one of the biggest and most anticipated online shopping events of the year — Black Friday sales

For most shoppers, Black Friday is a signal to start their Christmas shopping. In 2021, customers from America spent a whopping US$8.9 billion during Black Friday. The spending statistics also showed that shoppers spent an average of US$430, which was 5% higher than the US$410 average for 2020. 

As already evident, online store owners have a lot of money to make. However, seeing that there’s going to be a whole lot of promotions and sales, it’s essential that you stand out from the crowd to ensure you’re getting a big bite from the billions of dollars. So, here are some ways to do so.

1. Upsell your products

Black Friday will undoubtedly bring in a lot of targeted traffic. As such, upselling your products is an excellent Black Friday marketing tactic to utilize said traffic. 

You don’t have to break your back to be a superstar at upselling! You can simply implement upsell options with a section labeled “You May Also Like” on your website’s checkout page or a “Similar Products” catalog on each product page. In doing so, you’ll earn your customer’s trust and affection by making it easy to navigate your products. 

Upselling means shoppers will also be encouraged to make bigger purchases. According to Salesforce research, online shoppers who click on recommended products are 4.5x most likely to add them to their shopping cart and another 4.5x most likely to finish the purchase. 

2. Make early preparations and use extended sales and flash deals

With the mayhem caused by the black Friday online shopping rush, offering early sales is a great sales strategy for eCommerce to kickstart your holiday sales and a perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Enter the spotlight by giving your customers a chance to participate in pre-Black Friday flash deal promos. 

A RetailMeNot report showed that about 45% of customers start their Black Friday shopping before November 1st, while 25% start before October. A further 12% start theirs in the summer. Considering these stats, starting your preparations early enough will get you a bigger piece of the sales. 

Announce your early sale through online or email marketing, encouraging shoppers to stay ahead of the rush and get their holiday deals early. It’s also a great way of rewarding your VIP or regular customers by offering them exclusive and attention-grabbing flash deals and rewarding them before Black Friday weekend. 

3. Prioritize discount email marketing

In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, most customers’ inboxes will be packed full of different email promos from all your top competitors. To stand out is to understand that emails direct shoppers to deals should be prioritized

As such, you can install Aument and take on your email marketing by sending personalized automated emails, SMS, and pop-ups that contain your store’s details, sales, and promo deals to ensure your potential customers are heading right to your website. 

4. Offer the magic of free shipping

Free shipping is a strategic marketing approach that can make you stand out from your competitors and draw the interest of your potential customers. At this time of the year, when shoppers are looking to buy a plethora of items, offering a free shipping bonus for patronizing, you might just be the icing on the cake that convinces them to buy from your online store. 

According to a survey by NRF (National Retail Federation), 49% of American shoppers indicated that free shipping was the reason why they shopped on Black Friday. A great way to promote your free shipping offer is by adding a catchy banner to your website’s homepage.

5. Optimize your content marketing

Content marketing is an important aspect of holiday marketing; it helps boost sales on Shopify. Potential customers will be online, searching for content showing specific deals on certain goods. You can tap into this pool by creating awareness of your offers, using your brand’s site, blog, or even social media accounts. For example, you can use less saturated platforms like Reddit, Pinterest, and Quora. 

Now you know some new ways to stand out on Black Friday. Implement them and see the difference!

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