Ejemplo de email para recuperar carritos abandonados
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The best abandoned cart email to recover lost sales

Why beat about the bush? You came for the best abandoned cart email ever, here it is! 

Subject: You chose well! Others are eyeing it up too…

Body: We’re trying to hold tight to your cart but… You have great taste! You chose our most popular products.

Don’t miss out. Grab your cart before someone else does!

Button: Buy now

Like it? Our expert marketers crafted it and our data scientists ensured it’s effective. 

Those same data experts know that 85% of abandoned carts never find a home. They also found that this type of messaging brought in a 32% increase in sales for beauty and cosmetic brands. 

Read on below to understand the mechanics behind the best email and SMS marketing to recover lost sales.

What’s the most important element of a great abandoned cart email?

You need to evoke 1 main feeling in your email: FOMO. Urgency and scarcity are what most drive buyers back to stores after shopping cart abandonment.

Now you’re wondering, what is FOMO, right? Fear Of Missing Out is the concern that something exciting is happening elsewhere. 

If buyers feel that they need to buy their chosen products soon (because your email or SMS marketing suggests they’re selling out) they’re more likely to go back for their cart. Hence, you established FOMO. This is the secret to a great abandoned cart email!

That said, you can also boost the effectiveness of the copy by adding in a discount.

How to write an abandoned cart email with a discount code

For this step, you’ll need: An eye-catching subject line and 1 line of inviting text. You can use a variation of the message above if you like, we’ll take it as a compliment!

Next, consider your discount amount. Is there a fun or unusual way to weave your discount into the text? For example, “here’s 5% off your first 5 purchases” or personalize it to your brand “grab your cart, your sunhat, this 10% coupon, and head to the beach!” 

For this exercise, you’d be surprised how much your friends and family might be able to help you brainstorm the copy. Sometimes those furthest from the product find it easiest to promote!

Whether you include the discount in the 1st line of text or not, you’ll want to provide a unique code to that person, and apply it automatically when they recover their cart. Add this function to a button with a CTA. Oops! Another marketing acronym…

If you’re now asking yourself, what is a CTA? We’re going to turn you into a marketing expert: a Call To Action might be “shop now” or “recover my items”. In essence, it invites people to do something. 

Ejemplo de email para recuperar carritos abandonados

How to finish an abandoned cart email

When trying to recover lost sales, your CTA should probably be a “checkout” button that takes them back to their cart. 

Last of all, encourage the readers with terms that communicate urgency like “inventory limited” or “popular item” you’re more likely to tempt them back to your online store. Shopping cart abandonment requires some hard-hitting copy to turn it into a sale!

It’s not all email! Don’t forget SMS marketing

People overwhelmingly like receiving emails from companies they already do business with, according to a study by MarketingSherpa: 91% of adults in the US, in fact. “It’s hard to get 91% of Americans to agree on anything!” says Peter Roesler, President of Web Marketing Pros.

However, SMS open and response rates are as high as 98% and 45%. Gartner published these impressive statistics which contrast with 20% and 6% respectively for email. 

For this reason, it’s worth making short, snappy email copy that can be used in SMS marketing too. Here’s our edit of the abandoned cart email above: 

We’re trying to hold tight but… you chose our most popular products! Grab your cart before someone else does. 

And that’s it! This was everything you need to know about shopping cart abandonment to recover lost sales. New sales are important but retention is key to longevity. So start recovering carts and your ecommerce will thank you for it. 

Too busy to set every email or SMS marketing message up yourself? Try Aument and we’ll recover lost sales for you! 

Aument does the leg work so you can boost retention and increase sales from new customers, for your ecommerce.

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