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Get ahead on Cyber Monday — Plans to increase sales

While our shopping habits have shifted from in-person to online over time, most customers’ shopping traditions have adjusted to fit this change. This has led to a huge event on the ecommerce calendar: Cyber Monday is arguably the second largest, busiest, and most anticipated yearly shopping event for tech and digital customers.

With several Cyber Monday deals available, customers spent a whopping $10.7 billion during the last 2021 Cyber Monday. It’s undeniable that cyber Monday presents eCommerce shops with opportunities to increase sales conversion rates and get a big bite of this billion-dollar industry. 

Ready for the rush this year? Continue reading to learn 5 ways to increase sales this Cyber Monday. 

1. Update your site ahead of Cyber Monday

As an e-commerce store owner, your website needs to be updated before Cyber Monday to ensure that you don’t miss out on the sales from early shoppers. Make sure your website has all your latest gadgets and products, plus any discounted offers you will be offering up top of the page.

When updating your website, deals are not the only things you should focus on. About 70% of customers say that the speed of a website plays an important role in their buying decision. So, ensure that you slim down your website and make it lightning fast to give your customers a great experience while shopping. 

2. Optimize your products for more sales 

The internet is more crowded than before. As the level of competition is increasing, it’s essential to make your products stand out. The first step in doing so is to analyze your sales pattern and data from last year’s Cyber Monday sales to see how well you did and in what areas. Then, use the data to make changes to your existing product descriptions and layouts.

Prepare ahead by drawing up a product schedule that determines when an item or product will go on sale and at what price. That way, instead of playing catch up, you’ll be ahead of your competitors and making slight changes based on market fluctuations only. 

Some of the best Cyber Monday deals instill urgency — so should your product description. Remind your customers that they have limited time to take up your offer by using phrases like: “Only one left,” “Limited time offer,” “Almost sold out,” “High in demand,” and “Selling out fast.”

If your product catalog contains items from top brands, ensure that the brand’s name appears in the description and a noticeable position on any visuals. In doing so, you’ll improve your website’s organic ranking, which means increased traffic and sales. It also gives your store more credibility and makes your customers more likely to buy from you again. 

3. Offer your customers exclusive deals

If you’re looking to increase your Cyber Monday sales, it should be about offering your customers amazing and mind-blowing deals. The only thing a customer loves more than a nice deal is an exclusive deal. For example, Allbirds, a popular shoe brand, released an exclusive limited-edition sneaker during 2019 Cyber Monday. The result? It sold out in record time.

One reason Cyber Monday garners so many sales is down to these exclusive offers. Tap into it by offering your customers combos that include discounts and complimentary items. For instance:

“Buy any Hp Laptop of $800+ and get 10% OFF plus a FREE laptop bag,” or “Spend $3000 and enter our draw to win an all-expense paid trip to Disneyland.”

This sort of deals will create more sales, increase your revenue, and even win you more customers. 

4. Email early and often

Emails are one of the most effective tools at your disposal when planning to run a digital marketing campaign, especially for Cyber Monday sales promotion. Emails allow you to connect with longtime and potential customers easily. By beginning your email strategy weeks before Cyber Monday, the event will subtly enter your customers’ minds as you keep letting them know about your exclusive offers and deals. 

If you’re looking to do something different for your email campaign, like recovering lost sales with automated emails, incentivizing second and repeat purchases with tailored messages, or winning back former or inactive customers with engaging notifications, try out Aument to get started with your holiday marketing strategy and increase your sales. 

5. Make explainer videos

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram present good opportunities for ecommerce businesses to target their potential customer base. With around 130 million users clicking on shopping posts every month, Instagram’s reels feature presents a perfect opportunity for uploading explainer videos for best-selling products. 

Reels get 22% more engagement than a normal Instagram video post. About 61% of Gen Z TikTok users prefer using Instagram reels — making this an ideal channel for targeting teens and young adults who are lovers of tech gadgets. Plus, you can reshare the videos via email marketing, your newsletter, or your website.

By advertising your products, offers, and cyber Monday deals 2022 on these platforms using explainer and unboxing videos, you’d be reaching an engaged customer base that is ready to buy. 

Want more information on marketing your store ahead of major sales dates?

We made our own explainer video for you: Holiday Marketing.

Take your pick from any of these plans we’ve explained, and never fall behind on Cyber Monday!

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