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How to have fun with Halloween ecommerce marketing

Looking for those ecommerce marketing tricks to apply to your Halloween sales, but don’t want to do the same things as last year? This is the place to be. 

Let’s jump right into some Halloween marketing ideas that you won’t have thought of!

Guerrilla marketing for your store

It’s less combative than it sounds! Guerrilla marketing is a strategy to surprise an audience using unconventional advertising. It can be as cheap and simple as Starbucks cleaning their logo into dirty paving slabs, or as fun as Apple painting app icons onto the vertical part of subway escalators.

How can you do this as an online store, especially as part of your Halloween advertising? Look around your town, and your website for ways to integrate your product in a surprising way. This is a great family brainstorming activity, or something you can ask friends to join in on, because the craziest ideas can be the best guerrilla marketing for any holiday. Here are some specific ideas for ecommerce stores:

  • Since you might be promoting a Halloween decor clearance or early discounts, why not decorate a tree in your town square with your products? Just make sure to leave a QR code or your store’s URL clearly visible so people can shop from your unusual “window” front!

  • Distributing Halloween coupons to shoppers? Why not surprise them in a costume: tap them on the shoulder from behind and give them a coupon (the scream mask works best for this) or run around your city center in a scary outfit saying “boo” and handing out flyers.

  • Will your Hallowe’en deals run out on a certain date? Why not play hangman on your website, in short videos, and on social media, adding a line each day as you get closer to the last day of your Halloween deals. This is a suspenseful and fun two-in-one technique, perfect for ecommerce marketing during Halloween sales.

For any of these ideas, make sure someone is filming! The clout you can garner not only as Halloween advertising but just entertainment on TikTok and Reels will be worth making a fool of yourself. And trust us, you’ll have just as much fun as the potential shoppers!

Go old-school for All Hallows’ Eve

Now, we can’t tell you not to do digital marketing because that’s what we’re all about at Aument! But we can offer some old-school marketing tricks to compliment your email and SMS marketing:

  • Print themed stickers with your logo.

    Make sure your website is on there too if your logo isn’t well known, and hand sticker packs out to parents ahead of Halloween.

    “All the cool ghosts shop at our store,” with a cartoon ghost and “Happy Hallowe’en” with a zombie shopper carrying bags and a smile are good clean fun for kids, and the marketing will only be noticeable to adults of buying-age!

  • Film videos in black-and-white.

    All your Reels, TikToks, and Facebook Watch can be done with a filter or you can add it later with online video editors. Add period clothing for a special spooky touch and put some ghost wailing over the top of it!

    You can simply be talking about your upcoming Hallowe’en discounts or sales, but the old TV vibe will be super unique.

  • Themify your word-of-mouth marketing

    The oldest form of marketing is often the best. Ask your friends to share Hallowe’en coupons or digital posts via their business or social media to help you reach their social circles as well.

    You can even turn this into an ecommerce automation marketing long-term, if you set up messages to thank shoppers for buying and offering a discount if they share emails or refer you to new prospects. 
Female-presenting person with long hair smiling directly into the camera in black and white for Halloween marketing

Surprised or scared?

Some of these strategies for ecommerce marketing are ideal for Hallowe’en sales, but take a little confidence and fun. We highly recommend looping in the whole team to make it more fun. Who knows — maybe you’ll discover someone has a hidden talent and can be your event-attendee for the future or star TikToker!

Latent ecommerce marketing doubts?

If you’re still wondering about holiday marketing and why it’s important, first of all, it’s what leads to customer loyalty:

Your returning customers might be buying gifts and want a reliable source that they’ve already tested, or looking for deals around big sales dates like Black Friday. Those dates are crucial to remind shoppers about your store with timely holiday marketing.

Stores might even recover some lost sales with a friendly reminder to shop with you at a special time like Hallowe’en.

How do you develop a holiday marketing strategy for ecommerce?

The ideas detailed here are a great start, and these offline activities can fuel your online marketing. The best holiday marketing strategy however, is to automate what you can

You’re busy and don’t need more tasks, but you do need to drive sales. So set up email and SMS marketing with a theme! Aument does all the hard work for you. 

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