Marketing at the busiest time of year: Christmas sales boosters

After the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you might need a pep talk and a sales booster jab to keep the momentum going. Many think it’s easy to generate revenue at Christmas because demand is high, but so is competition. 

To make sure you generate revenue this holiday season, our Christmas presents to you are these 5 sales boosters!

1. Add gift wrapping options

It’s unforgivable not to offer gift wrapping options at this time of year! Wrapping gifts needn’t be done with paper either, you could try using different materials like fabric if you sell clothes or linens, or natural decorative elements if your brand is eco-friendly, whichever best embodies your branding.

Most importantly, don’t see gift wrapping as a money-making opportunity, see it as a kind gesture that will add value to a customer. You might just turn them into a regular shopper if their experience gifting your products is spectacular!

2. Reprint your labels with Christmas designs

If you visit a fair or send out orders in November, you want every person who comes into contact with your product to think: “that would make a great gift.” You can do this by planting the idea in their mind of the holiday season, while they’re looking right at your wares.

3. Christmas-ify your social profiles

Go all out: Add a snow-filled header, some holly over your logo, and upload multiple Christmas-evoking product images.

Stuck for ideas on how to do this? Canva can give you some beautiful templates for headers and social posts, or why not do a Christmas sweater and take a photograph holding your product? Some fairy lights in the background could add the perfect touch!

4. Segment your website by stocking fillers and gifts for…

There’s no need to change your stock at Christmas, simply consider who they might make great gifts for, and whether they’re big ticket items or stocking-sized. Some stores offer “letterbox-sized” presents, gift cards, and personalizable gift sections.

5. Gift yourself the best email subject line

What’s the best way to grab attention with your marketing? First impressions matter.

Pro tip: impressing people does not mean giving them all the information up front, but rather intriguing them to read on. So, short and sweet is best! Here are some Christmassy subject lines you’re welcome to use. They could also work for SMS marketing!

  • 3 gifts that are better than Frankincense
  • You’re never too old for surprises from Santa
  • Get merry, á la mode
  • Reindeer hooves tap on your roof!
  • We pulled this out of Santa’s sack…
  • Dreidels and discounts, carols and coupons inside!
  • Gift joy with jewelry this Christmas

The best Shopify apps to increase sales offer these subject lines as parts of holiday marketing templates. Email marketing and SMS marketing can boost sales significantly, and if you don’t have the time to design campaigns to attract shoppers, implement automations via Aument

You can even use our Christmas email templates, just drag and drop the elements you like!

We promised 5 sales boosters and we hope we’ve delivered! If not, maybe write a note to Santa and we’ll see what we can do…

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