Score big in sales with FIFA World Cup marketing

All the best FIFA World Cup marketing strategies are going to include the job of reacting to the events as they unfold. 

We’ll save the bad football puns for the tips! It is simply worth highlighting that online stores have an opportunity that brick-and-mortar don’t to get ahead by implementing SMS marketing as well as an email marketing service to promote offers they have related to the matches.

Here are 3 ways to build a real buzz around your store and social channels, with forward preparation:

1. Write ahead and stay in touch with live updates.

If you can, react to advertisements and news about FIFA as they go live. This requires a real interest in the sport and a little commitment to marketing. 

Can you even prepare for this ahead of time? You can! Consider some jokes you can make that relate to probable situations in any soccer match, and prepare some copy that links to your store.

For example:

  • In the calm before the score, grab these footy favorites in our store!
  • Now that -insert player name- has scored, how about celebrating with some new kicks for yourself?
  • Now that’s a keeper! And our store has some keepsakes for you to remember the day…
  • -insert player name- always shoots for the stars! Are you, with your new year decorations? Add some sparkle with these shooting star apliqués.
  • Commiserate the loss with some online shopping, and start looking towards Christmas.
  • World Cup wins deserve world-class discounts!

Once you have a few of these ready, draft them on your social media but hit send when relevant, or send out timely SMS marketing as the matches advance.

2. Template your social media marketing with a soccer theme.

While you’re making some cool copy for social media, you might also prepare some designs to go with them too.  

Canva is well-known to creators but you’ll also find free versions of other tools that can make excellent designs with little expertise. Adobe Express has thousands of templates, is user-friendly, and has a low-tech interface. Pixlr can also help you edit product images and create graphics that can accompany your fun soccer puns.

Once you have some templates ready to promote your products, consider uploading them on the day of games, preferably before the match to take advantage of search traffic.

3. Prepare memes for after penalty shootouts and high-pressure moments.

Memes, GIFs, and funny copy are a great combination and, when planning holiday marketing, sporting events are excellent opportunities to inject humor into your store’s communications

To make the most of your planning for FIFA World Cup marketing, consider generic, high-pressure situations and generate memes that would joke about them. 

Adding a reference to your store can be done subtly, without impeding a meme from going viral. Once again, do this ahead of time so you can be the first to hit publish on the day! This is how accounts boost reach during major events.

Don’t feel you need to limit yourself to targeting customers only. Other store owners, Shopify users, or even larger direct to consumer brands might engage with your meme and this can build your reach, even if it doesn’t directly boost sales. 

How can you increase sales conversion with a FIFA World Cup marketing strategy?

Now you’ve implemented all these marketing channels, you need to capture those shoppers. In very simple terms, marketing brings you the shoppers, your sales strategy needs to capture them. 

Once the shoppers are on your page, you might implement a pop-up offering them a discount if they share their email address with you. This has 2 benefits: 1 is that it encourages them to purchase, and 2 is that you will have their email address for future email marketing.

If you manage omnichannel marketing, you will need to have a sales capturing strategy for each channel:

  • If customers come to your Instagram store, for example, ensure their experience on Shop is seamless. 
  • If buyers reach your Shopify store via an email marketing service, post your FIFA World Cup promotions in a banner on the home page so they’re instantly hooked! 
  • On the other hand, if your marketing mostly lives off-site, ensure the products you’re highlighting at this time are football related.

Wondering what omnichannel marketing is?

Omnichannel means across several channels. So omnichannel marketing is promoting your store on multiple platforms. 

For example, at Aument we usually aim to reach store owners via our Shopify listing, Google, Bing, several social media channels, occasionally events, and email marketing. An online store might be present at direct-to-consumer events and pop-up markets to cover an in-person channel, but they primarily target search engines, social media, SMS marketing and run an email marketing service. 

Aument can kick off your omnichannel marketing strategy, even if you have no more than basic marketing knowledge. We automate the difficult parts, while you personalize communications as much as you like.

Prefer to get your own first sales but not strike out? Our CEO has some tips for you!

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