Hombre enojado porque Shopify no funciona

Make the most of the “Shopify down” status with store improvements

While you can’t troubleshoot Shopify being down, there is good news! The Shopify down status rarely takes long to change, you just need to hold tight while the elves work their magic.

Reasons why Shopify might be down

The 2 most common reasons the platform might be temporarily down: planned maintenance or an outage where the server is housed. Shopify usually emails all merchants if something unexpected goes wrong, as well as for scheduled maintenance, but these emails have been known to go into the spam folder. 

Now, while you can’t change the Shopify down status yourself, you can make sure what happened is that Shopify is down, not your store. 

If the Shopify server status indicates that all is well, start your store using test mode in Shopify Payments, and place a dummy order. If this is also running fine, reach out to Shopify’s customer service to check there aren’t any problems with your shop in particular, or write a post to the global ecommerce community.

Store improvements to make while Shopify is down

Once you’ve checked the Shopify server status to see that it’s not your store that’s glitching, but that Shopify is down, consider making these 4 improvements to your store in the meantime.

  • Optimize your storefront

Even if it’s already beautiful and populated with text that’s easy to digest, trends change and new tools become available.

When was the last time you browsed the Shopify Community for tips or new apps that can help you maximize your digital storefront? Check what you might be missing out on in terms of optimization, especially those that could be automated.

  • Plan out email marketing and phone calls

This improvement takes a little time initially but is easy to replicate and scale once done. Here’s what you’ll want to do in a notebook, Word, or your preferred app for planning!

  • Write a short welcome email to send to your new customers. You might send this via email if they leave that detail when buying from you. Once you have it drafted, copy+pasting is super easy! This warm welcome is a personalized touch not all Big Businesses bother with.
  • Jot down 4 messages you can send to your whole email database. The best content for an online store will be tips to use your products. For example: How to combine your new tote with your outfit, Ways you didn’t know you could use your thermos, etc. Note down dates in your calendar to send these out!
  • Choose customers who’ve bought from you a while ago, and never returned. Drop them a quick phone call to ask if they’re well, and that you’d love to see them back at your store soon. Offer a discount code or mention a new product you’re launching to tempt them!
  • Program social media posts

Draft some social posts on these topics:

  • New product photos
  • Product reviews from a customers
  • Store owner personal motivation stories
  • How-to videos on your product
  • Product benefits for your audience
  • Industry commentary or news
  • Funny posts, like a meme

Make about 20 posts and check the text with Grammarly or similar. Then, spread the posts across a month using a programming tool like Sprout, which schedules social media posts ahead of time.

  • Build your professional network

Your support network should include both people in your day-to-day life, like friends and family, as well as your peers. Beyond that, you’ll want a professional network of possible partners, suppliers, vendors, and promoters.

By connecting with other online store owners — your peers — you’ll receive valuable input for problem solving and troubleshooting. The ecommerce toolbox is one place to find them. 

When Shopify is down, you’ll find those that use it like vendors or partners of stores might be “freed up” too! So this is a great time to browse social media for potential providers. Do a sweep of your inbox for messages from those offering their services, and make a point to connect with them via email, even if it’s simply to thank them for the message. You might need them down the line!

Time to check if the Shopify down status message has been fixed!

All done? Your next steps involve putting your patient hat on. Usually, in the time it took you to read this post, the Shopify down status notification will be fixed! Check it for yourself here: Shopify server status

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