Estrategia para crear campañas de marketing para días festivos

Start holiday marketing: A strategy using ecommerce automation tools

Holiday marketing campaigns are a master-level sales strategy for online store owners. As soon as you have your product lines ready, your store is live, and you’re ready to increase ecommerce sales, you want to get involved in holiday marketing.

How do holiday marketing campaigns increase revenue?

Holiday marketing can involve different marketing channels as well as ecommerce automation tools. They aim to grab customers’ attention with a timely discount or offer. They boost both site visits and the probability of purchases. So, sending out holiday offers is both a brand awareness play and a sales tactic!

Here are some reasons why holiday marketing campaigns work so well:

  1. Urgency
    Customers need to complete their purchase within a certain date.
  2. Relevance
    Shoppers feel the intersection between their lives and your brand.
  3. Ease of automation
    Occasions are the ideal situation to try out ecommerce automation tools. 

Sold? The value in this sort of ecommerce sales strategy is clear, but when you ideate your first campaign it can be hard to know where to get started. Let’s break it down.

What’s the first step in launching holiday marketing campaigns?

Before you do anything else, research previous holiday marketing campaigns, audience, and competition.

If you’ve done holiday marketing before, look at what worked. See which holidays grabbed most attention and led to purchases before launching a time-sensitive ecommerce sales strategy. You can replicate what worked and be wary of what didn’t.

If you’ve never launched a holiday marketing campaign before, review what time of year customer purchases surpassed your goals, then check what holidays coincide with the period. Maybe your product is the perfect summer vacation item and you didn’t know it! Use this to inform your holiday marketing campaigns.

Next, audit your audience. Find out if they are mostly Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, or another group, then identify the prevailing age group. Look into their interests and allow that to inform your ideas.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it wise to action holiday marketing to all these people? 
  • Are they all likely to be celebrating Thanksgiving or do I have an international audience? 
  • Are they within an age group who are close to graduating age, or appropriate for back-to-school offers? 

Your choice of holiday marketing offers should be informed by the potential of your audience to pick up the offer.

Where else can I look for campaign inspiration?

Finish your research by finding out what the competition is doing, and aim to do something different. For example, are they offering a standard buy-one-get-one-free or percentage-based discount deal? 

Differentiate your product by offering a holiday-specific gift. For example:

  • A flower-decorated item for free with any purchase ahead of Mother’s Day
Estrategia para crear campañas de marketing para días festivos
Heart shaped cut-outs around products to illustrate Holiday marketing campaigns,
  • A less common sort of campaign, used to stand out and indicate your company values, involves associating with a non-profit. By donating a portion of profits or product costs during a certain week, you can both engage customers and support a good cause.

Now you have your campaign idea, it’s unique, tailored to your audience, and timely. Next, let’s dive into campaign execution.

What’s the best ecommerce sales strategy for holiday marketing?

Plan your strategy around a programming tool.

Holiday marketing offers should ideally be programmed ahead of time, because forward thinking forces planning. You can still adjust your campaign in the lead up to the send date, if a better idea comes to you.

Programming lets you carefully plan the best dates and times to send out communications, and you don’t need to worry about forgetting to send them out on time, especially if the holiday marketing contains several touches. You can use scheduling tools that are part of your email provider, or choose a tool that integrates with your Shopify store.

What automated email marketing tools can make holiday marketing easier?

Ecommerce gurus always suggest that store owners automate recipient selection and sending.

You will have a list of email addresses from previous buyers, or perhaps your site is advanced enough to have a landing page gathering contact details for product waiting lists and you could potentially filter these buyers by type and interests. But customer segmentation can be time-consuming, so Aument designed ways for ecommerce store owners to automate this, to make tailoring communication much easier.

Knowing that many business owners want to do holiday marketing but lack the time to tailor campaigns, Aument uses RFM score calculations to segment customers depending on their shopping habits at your unique store. Then, the platform curates campaigns for the top shopping occasions so that you can automate the sending of one or several touches.

Check out our Holiday Marketing section, and set up campaigns in a few clicks!

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