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Store owner struggles and easy fixes

Merchants have a hard enough time as it is ideating a product, setting up a business, and managing logistics. Why struggle with ecommerce marketing too? 

We asked our store owners what their biggest pain points are for marketing their stores, and designed a fix for each with marketing automation.

Top ecommerce marketing pain points reported by merchants

Our Product team stays in close contact with store owners, all of whom are Shopify merchants currently. Here are their reports directly to Aument:

  • Marketing automation is hard to use

“All the marketing tools available are difficult to use, they’re only really suitable for ecommerce marketing  experts or people with the time to take on a steep learning curve.”

  • No time for audience analysis

“I’m a one-man band. don’t have time or the knowledge to segment customer bases, even though I know that’s what I need to do to be able to send personalized communications.”

  • Email automation tools aren’t transparent

“With the marketing platforms I’ve tried, there was a lack of visibility on the actual revenue generated by marketing campaigns and automated communications.”

  • Cost of acquisition rises with sales

“While I do see more sales coming in, I also see the costs of getting those acquisitions rising… I don’t really know how to optimize my campaigns to reduce that cost. All I know is that it’s important to optimize acquisition costs for my Shopify store marketing.”

The struggle is real. So, what can online stores do? How can they overcome these challenges? To answer this, we asked our CPO, Mario León Rojas:

How can stores improve marketing and increase online sales, quickly and easily?

Mario told us: 

“There is a solution to the above pain points. We built it!

Back when my co-founders and I were investigating a market need for our technology, we were proudly showing store owners data about their business, which they had never seen before. 

But seeing the new data showing that sales were dropping, or they weren’t recovering abandoned carts as they hoped, several merchants said, “Great, but what do I do with that information? How can I actually improve my store and increase online sales?”

This sparked our heel in the direction of automated marketing!” 

The pain points above are solved by a specific feature, all of which can be set up in minutes:

  1. Marketing automation being hard to use is solved by our wizard experience! We develop actions (or automations) that solve the issue by being easy to use, and executing at the optimal times for success. They also include prebuilt segmentation and content suggestions so merchants have no manual labor to do before marketing their store to the right audience.

  2. The lack of time that merchants have for audience analysis needn’t be a problem. Our data scientists automated audience segmentation so your store benefits from this analysis every time you launch a new Aument action.

  3. Email automation tools not being transparent was a real concern for us. So, our founders built a solution by caring about results, not lists of contacts. They put the best automation possible into practice for merchants to achieve their business goals, without smoke and mirrors like content A/B testing when stores don’t even have enough data to do this well (no shade!)

  4. Cost of acquisition should not be rising with sales; quite the contrary. Increasing repeat customers and achieving higher ratios of success on abandoned carts helps us improve acquisition results for stores and, most importantly perhaps, reduce their cost per acquisition. 

The easy fix for ecommerce marketing (without breaking the bank!)

You’re busy. You don’t have time to cross reference acquisition costs and double check your ecommerce marketing efforts are being effective. You need SMS and email automations that take care of themselves.

That’s what Aument does. You can hand over ecommerce marketing to our platform in a few clicks. Plus, our reporting is designed to be simple and easy to understand. Why over complicate marketing, right?! 

If you want to know more than the high-level summary, you can drop us a line! Or dive into some of the marketing automations you can activate today.

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