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Turn your competitors green with envy during Green Monday sales

Think Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the only opportunities you have to drive in more sales during this holiday period? Think again! You might just be missing out on Green Monday — a hot holiday to rack up more retail sales. 

Most people wonder what green Monday is and how it came about. In 2007, eBay came up with the name Green Monday to describe the sales increase it experienced during the second Monday of December. eBay named it Green Monday for two reasons: firstly, green meant increased cash or revenue, and secondly, eBay marketed online shopping as environmentally friendly since you won’t have to drive from one store to another. 

Since then, Green Monday sales have posed an excellent opportunity for ecommerce stores to generate hype — it’s traditionally the most powerful holiday sales in December. So here are some ways to capitalize on Green Monday 2022 and watch your competitors turn green with envy. 

1. Run special campaigns ahead of Green Monday

During the holiday season, the inbox of the average shopper is full of promotions. You can start by offering deals, coupons, raffle draws, and discounts. But if you want your existing and potential customers to see Green Monday as a special shopping holiday, you need to think outside the box. For example, in 2017, online shopping giant eBay celebrated Green Monday’s 10th year by offering hourly deals on some popular products like Samsung TV and Bose sound systems. 

Customers love surprise deals. When deals are unexpected, customers can be tempted to purchase on the spot. So, give customers exclusive deals via email marketing. Make sure that you have an abandoned cart reminder set up too, so that casual shoppers don’t forget about you after the hype dies down.

2. Don’t lastminute.com it

One of the best ways to beat your competitors to a large part of green Monday sales is by sending your promo emails early. There’s always an increase in marketing messages to customers on the hour, i.e. 10 am, 11 am… Stand out by sending yours earlier and at different times. For instance, if most emails are sent at 9:00, send yours at 8:37. 

This gives you a chance to beat the plethora of retailers sending emails and also giving yours a higher chance of being opened since there’ll be fewer emails around that time. Early and timely mailing is essential for small stores hoping to generate their first sales around Green Monday. 

If the content of your email doesn’t include time-sensitive deals, then send them at a personalized time using the historical engagement of each customer. A great way to do this is to use Aument’s pre-built marketing automations to increase repeat purchases through email and SMS. 

3. Evoke Green Monday’s eco-friendliness 

Over the years, several ecommerce stores have associated the color green with sustainability, focusing on the eco-friendliness of online shopping compared to brick-and-mortar shopping. The idea is to convince customers who are advocates of a greener environment to continue online shopping. 

To let the eco side of eBay’s Green Monday idea shine through, design your website accordingly — highlighting your sustainability initiatives — or you could take a more subtle approach and donate a portion of your revenue to an ecological charity. Advertise this on your social media and on your website with a copy like: “10% of every sale goes directly to the Nature Conservancy.”

4. Ensure your website is optimized and operational

This last tip isn’t so much to increase sales but rather ensure you don’t lose sales. Capacity is important and so, to have a successful green Monday sale, you need to avoid basic website mistakes such as exceeded capacity. 

Test your site to know the level of traffic it’s capable of taking. This will give you a better idea of the number of emails to send at a time. If your site can’t take the traffic you’re expecting, increase its hosting capacity to account for any possible increase. 

Next, to increase sales on Shopify sites or any other platform, ensure your website is running seamlessly. When customers enjoy a smooth shopping experience on your website, they’re less likely to hop off to another Green Monday sale. Did we mention that competition is fierce this time of year?!

Watch your competitors turn green with envy on Green Monday by taking a pick from these strategies! 

If you want to know more about holiday marketing at any time of year, here’s a short video.

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