Welcome to Aument, discover the power of marketing automations
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Welcome to Aument

We started Aument with a clear purpose in mind: We want to enable automated actions to ecommerce stores so they can acquire and retain customers in a smart and consistent way. 

The best way to achieve this is by leveraging the power of automations. We know that with a helping hand, your business could create more meaningful experiences for each person that interacts with your brand.

Why blog about our solution?

We love sharing, debating, giving, and receiving feedback and advice. So, this space will be used as a knowledge sharing platform. Ecommerce trends, best practices, how-to articles, and anything you’d like to know will be covered — drop our social media team a message if you have advice for us, or interest in downloading our teams’ knowledge. 

We will also use our blog to transparently share plans for our product roadmap and announce new functionalities, so that you always know what new feature is coming next.

Let me double down on the aforementioned: did you notice I wrote sharing platform? We are counting on you to share your thoughts — be blunt, we can take it! Do you have subject matter expertise and would like to share your POV? Please reach out!

Welcome to Aument!

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