Why use Aument’s abandoned cart recovery instead of alternatives?

Let’s get straight to the point, the reason you’re here: why would you not use Shopify’s abandoned cart recovery?

Firstly, Shopify is an awesome platform and you may prefer to use their native tools. However, Aument was designed specifically for Shopify stores from the outset and by stellar engineers, software developers, and growth marketers.

Ready to dive into what you’ll find in Aument that lowers your cart abandonment rate and increases recovered abandoned carts?

1. The easiest SMS setup to recover abandoned carts

To date, Shopify abandoned cart features are limited to email. Jeremy Horowitz at Gorgias, a customer service platform, reported that “96% of consumers now are willing to receive a weekly text from a brand,” compared to only 31% in 2021. 

So, if your store is only sending cart recovery emails, you’re missing out on a valuable communication channel!

2. Straightforward customization

Just like Aument’s email builder, SMS messages are easily configurable. The app stands out for its drag-and-drop template segments, and the ability to edit discounts without leaving the app, making it the most personalizable option on the market.

3. Top abandoned cart recovery rate

Once Kankay Grills implemented Aument, its conversion rate sped past the industry average of 1.6%, recovering over 8% of abandoned carts

In fact, we’ve registered up to a 20% recovery rate on abandoned carts within online stores. This only takes a handful of clicks, unless you want to personalize your emails, which you can also do within the platform, to your heart’s content!

Why is abandoned cart recovery necessary?

Now that it’s clear why you might prefer Aument over the Shopify abandoned cart automation, you might still have questions. We’re all about clarity and transparency so here’s some more information on how this sales tool actually works:

Firstly, an abandoned cart happens: Shoppers might enter an online store lured in by one product but be impressed by the variety of products on offer. Once they’ve started browsing and adding things to their cart, shoppers can get lost in and forget why they originally came into the store.

Sometimes shoppers add products to their online shopping cart but don’t proceed to checkout because they compare prices or quality and purchase similar elsewhere. Others simply use carts as a sort of wishlist but have little to no intention to head all the way to checkout. These are just some reasons why a shopper might abandon a cart! 

When the number of cart abandoners might reach 70% of your site visitors, according to the Baymard Institute, any merchant would want to attract them back to their store.

How does abandoned cart recovery work?

To recover those shoppers, online stores can design their websites to minimize cart abandonment, either through on-site reminders, pop-up discounts, or cart recovery emails and SMS. These messages can be programmed so that store owners don’t need to track down cart abandoners themselves.

Effective emails and SMS that recover abandoned carts follow these industry best practices:

  1. Placing a call to action within the reader’s first scroll
  2. A realistic introductory text, with a sense of urgency
  3. The products that your clients left behind, which Aument automatically shows in your email
  4. An enticing image in emails
  5. A prompt to contact you if the shopper has any question.

All of Aument’s templates incorporate these best practices, but you’re welcome to edit them as much as you like:

Want to switch out your Shopify abandoned cart integration for Aument? Here’s how!

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