Launch Smart Promotions

Optimize pricing and promotions with AI-driven strategies to maximize revenue and efficiently manage inventory on your Shopify store. Perfect for apparel e-commerce businesses looking to boost sales during key events and manage excess stock

Shopify promotions


  • Smart Price Recommendations: Get AI based suggestions on a product or variant level.
  • Simple Selection: Filter and select products by tags, status, or collections.
  • Price Change Scheduling: Schedule price changes for specific times.

True Classic’s commitment to maximizing profitability led us to Aument’s technology. Our challenge was to enhance gross profits and maintain conversion rates. Aument’s Personalized Discounts proved to be an effective solution & have now become an integral part of our promotional strategy.

Ben Yahalom

President, True Classic

Learn how True Classic increased its Gross Profit per visitor by 49% using Aument’s smart pricing suggestions.