Automatically apply optimal prices to 1000’s of products during promotions

Make more money with AI-powered promotional pricing

Save time

Boost Profits

Ensure your next sale is as successful
as True Classic's last sitewide sale.


Gross Profit per Visitor
vs Av. Previous Sale.

26 hours

Saved monthly through +6000 SKU's
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True Classic’s commitment to maximizing profitability led us to Aument. Aument have now become an integral part of our pricing & promotion strategy.

Ben Yahalom
President, True Classic

DTC brands use Aument to

Schedule & Automate SKU-Level Promotions

Gain access to exclusive features designed to help your Shopify Plus store thrive.

Maximize Profits
during Promotions

Save hours and let Aument automatically change prices for you

Reduce conversion dips after promotions

How does it work?

  • Change 1000’s SKU prices in seconds.
  • Aument AI optimizes pricing for maximum profit by analyzing product views, perceived prices, seasonality, COGS, and inventory.

Automate your Sale Campaigns

  • Schedule sale start and stop times
  • Set up discount range.
  • Set sales, profit or inventory goals.
  • Set up price guardrails

These brands boost their profits with Aument.

These brands boost their profits with Aument.


losing profits by guessing
on your pricing


being blind on
promotions effectiveness


losing time diving
into spreadsheets

Discover how hypergrowth brands like True Classic maximize profits using AI-Driven pricing and promotions.

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