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Bombastic Body Success

Bombastic Body

33% increased sales in 1 month

FY Nutrition Success


8.8% conversion rate with email marketing

Kankay Grill Success

Kankay Grill

8.1% carts recovered in its first month

Plug and play actions that grow your store

Set up email and SMS fundamentals in seconds.

Drive more sales by recovering buyers that abandoned their carts

Abandoned cart recovery
Pop-up notifications

Increase site conversions by prompting users to buy with specific discounts.

Drive more sales with automated holiday email campaigns that are ready to be launched.

Holiday Marketing Emails

Passing on the know-how

Learn and grow with us as we master the ecommerce world.

You’re pouring your heart into your Shopify store: making sure the design is the best possible …

Unsure what an at-risk customer is and why you should target them with SMS or email marketing? Someone to target with a winback strategy would be …

When your shop is giving you an error message and you’ve checked the Shopify server status to see whether Shopify is down

See you on the clock app?

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Laugh with (or at) us on TikTok and Instagram. Sabrina and Emilio share expert advice on how to automate your growth, so you can focus on your next product launch.

Aument Social Media

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It’s so important for us to reach everyone who could benefit from our supplements and, until we started using Aument, we didn’t realize how many eager buyers we were missing!

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It’s hard to stand out in such a popular market like fashion so we welcome any help we can get! Aument lent us a hand and its automations were so easy to set up…

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I used Aument to recover abandoned carts, and immediately saw a difference in terms of purchases completed and revenue. I didn’t need an expert …

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Easy to use for an emerging brand like mine, I really enjoyed the on boarding plus SMS actions that Aument offers!

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Our clothes have a very distinctive look so it’s important to us to be recognizable in all our comms. Aument’s platform allows us to edit the look and feel of emails extensively.

Not Your Mona
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Email campaigns are super easy to set up in Aument. We didn’t need to hire a specialist or even really set aside extra time to do this, we just activated marketing…

Sofia de Grecia
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