Win back at-risk customers

Saving at-risk customers from leaving your brand will gain some extra revenue now and the future


Reduce customer churn


At-risk customers, whose purchase amounts or frequency of purchases have recently dropped


Emails are automatically sent  as soon as a customer is detected as “at risk”

How to win back at-risk customers with Aument​

With Aument’s at-risk customer winback action, you can set up automatic email notifications to re-engage former or inactive customers.

  • Aument analyzes your store’s data to detect at-risk customers so you can send automatic email notifications.
  • You can customize one of our templates to match your brand.
  • At-risk customers will receive an email that offers incentives that encourage them to go back to your business to complete a purchase.
Winning back at-risk customers with email

By investing in your at-risk customers you can:

How to activate the at-risk customer winback action

On Aument, go to “Actions”. Select “Win back at-risk customers”

Win back and re-engage at-risk customers

Choose an 

Customize the template to match your brand and message. Save changes and click “Start”

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