Incentivize second purchases

Boost revenue by incentivizing one-time buyers to purchase from you repeatedly


Increase retention rate


One-time customers


An incentive is sent at the optimal moment based on previous calculations.

How to incentivize second purchases with Aument

With Aument’s second purchase action, you can set up automatic email notifications to encourage customers to purchase from you again.

  • Aument analyses your historical repeat customer data to calculate the optimal moment to reach out to your one-time customers with an incentive.
  • You can customize our template to match your brand.
  • Customers who only bought once will receive an email that displays your best selling products or a discount to encourage another purchase.


Happy client after completing a repeat purchase

By incentivizing repeat purchases you can:

  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase your sales and revenue
  • Save time and money on customer acquisition strategies

How to activate the second purchase action

On Aument, go to “Actions”. 
Select “Second purchase”


Encourage second purchases from your customers

 Choose an  

incentivize customers to buy again

Customize the template to match your brand and message. Save changes and click “Start”

Customize templates to get repeat purchases

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