Learn how this 9 figures brand increased their gross profit by 27% with personalized discounts

True classic success case


Increase in
Conversion Rate


Profit Lift

True Classic’s commitment to maximizing profitability led us to Aument’s technology. Our challenge was to enhance gross profits and maintain conversion rates. Aument’s Personalized Discounts proved to be an effective solution & have now become an integral part of our promotional strategy.

Ben Yahalom

President, True Classic


True Classic has clear profitable growth goals, and their discounting strategy is a big area of focus. The main challenge was finding a way to deliver smart and more targeted promotions. 

They were interested in optimizing its current strategy to make sure they could offer the best discounts possible to each customer without hurting their bottom line.


Our Personalized Discounts feature was implemented to enable discounts personalization for customers on-site and through email/SMS. By running our AI model through customer historical data and store economics, we developed a model not only able to predict the discount most likely to encourage second time purchases but also one that would maintain profitability.

Discounts vary according to the predicted customer price sensitivity instead of everyone receiving the same offer. Each customer gets a tailored discount threshold (i.e., from 10% to 25%).

On Page Intervention


Increase in monthly gross profit with Personalized Discount

Our slide out pop-up is able to identify if someone browsing the site is an existing customer to show up with the discount each user most likely needs to purchase again.

Its performance was compared against a slide out showing the same discount to all users as well as the results from a sample of users who were excluded from this experience.

The slide out paired with personalized discounts increased its conversion rate 123%, which not only turned into incremental net sales but also 2.2 times more gross profit than showing a fixed discount.

Email Flows Intervention

+ 13%

More Conversion Rate with Personalized Discount

Personalized discounts were included in Post Purchase, Winback and Abandonment Klaviyo flows to feature tailored discounts to each customer.

Conversion rate from emails with Personalized Discounts increased
13% which turned into a 16% gross profit uplift vs. emails with fixed discounts.


By having a targeted approach with Personalized Discounts on page and in Klaviyo flows, True Classic achieved a 41% conversion rate increase by being able to offer both lower and higher discounts do, depending on the customer. That translated into a 27% gross profit lift compared to the results from their current discount strategy. 


Increase in
Conversion Rate


Profit lift

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