A high-tech ratchet belt store in the Apparel industry

+ $75,000 USD
in 4 months

39% increase
in revenue


Nexbelt encountered a considerable challenge. Despite having an extensive list of over 200,000 email and SMS contacts, they struggled to extract maximal value without raising unsubscribe rates or negatively impacting deliverability.

Nexbelt and their dedicated agency, We Click, found it difficult to pinpoint the likely-to-buy customers beyond their 180 days engaged subscribers without losing money and time in a lot of testing.


Faced with this challenge, We Click turned to their strategic partner, Aument.

Aument’s artificial intelligence (AI) solution, leveraging machine learning, was adept at identifying patterns and predicting likely-to-buy customers from the extensive contact database. Over a month, Aument developed a predictive model based on customer behavior, including web visits, cart interactions, and email responses.

The likely-to-buy audience identified by Aument was included in all promotional campaigns and its effectiveness was tracked using Klaviyo’s audience breakdown report.


After four months of meticulous testing involving more than 75 campaigns, Aument’s AI model proved its worth by generating incremental monthly revenue of approximately $20k for Nexbelt. This significant addition to their bottom line was coupled with substantial time savings by eliminating manual audience testing.

Overall, campaigns supplemented by Aument’s likely-to-buy audience saw an average revenue increase of 25%.

Interestingly, despite initial expectations, Nexbelt’s subscribers responded more positively to email campaigns than to SMS campaigns.


“Utilizing a Machine Learning model to uncover patterns in event data is an efficient and inevitable evolution in the field. 

Humans may initially excel, but after several rounds of learning, the chances that a test or assumption of segmentation can consistently generate value in each iteration are slim compared to an ML model. Unlike humans, computational power doesn’t need rest or vacations, nor does it let contextual emotions influence its learnings or results.

Given billions of events, employing AI is a brilliant strategy, freeing up the marketing teams to strategize and delve deeper into the creative aspects. That’s why we believe in this technology, and it’s proven to be a game-changer for our partners.”

Cesar Zamora

Head of Data Science at Aument.

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