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Mastering Clearance Sales: Key Learnings from ATOMS, Culprit, and Win Brands

Running clearance sales is a crucial yet challenging aspect of managing a DTC brand. Executing a successful clearance sale requires more than just slashing prices. It involves striking a balance between clearing out old inventory and maintaining profitability without undermining the brand value. Having worked closely with various clients like ATOMS, Culprit, and Win Brands to fine-tune their clearance strategies, we’ve gathered valuable insights into the key challenges and effective strategies for mastering clearance sales.

Leveraging Data for Effective Pricing

One of the most significant challenges in clearance sales is determining the right price points to attract buyers without sacrificing profitability. But that’s just one of the factors. Some brands need to balance appealing discounts with their premium brand image. Analyzing historical sales data and market trends can help you set optimal prices. This data-driven approach can allow brands to offer competitive discounts that entice customers while preserving their profit margins.

Enhancing Inventory Turnover

Efficient inventory turnover is another critical aspect of successful clearance sales. Slow-moving stock not only ties up capital but also occupies valuable warehouse space, affecting operational efficiency. A proactive approach allows to clear out seasonal products quickly, freeing up space and capital for new stock, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.

Balancing Speed and Profitability

The primary goal of clearance sales is to move inventory quickly, but it’s essential to balance speed with profitability. Clearing out stock at a loss defeats the purpose of a clearance sale. One of our standout success stories involves Win Brands. Facing an end-of-month deadline to sell excess inventory, they needed to move their stock swiftly but didn’t want to erode their profit margins. By employing Aument’s predictive models, Win Brands could set prices that maximized sales velocity without sacrificing profit margins. The result was a swift clearance of their seasonal products while maintaining a healthy profit margin. 

This case underscores the importance of a strategic approach to clearance sales, where both speed and profitability are given due consideration. This is specially true with the constantly evolving ecommerce landscape. Successful clearance strategies must be adaptable to changing market conditions, so responding promptly to market shift, ensures clearance sales remain effective regardless of external factors.


Clearance sales are a powerful tool for ecommerce businesses to manage inventory and boost sales. However, they require a strategic approach to ensure they are both effective and profitable. The experiences of our users highlight the importance of data-driven decisions, efficient inventory management, balanced pricing strategies, and adaptability to market conditions. By incorporating these learnings, businesses can optimize their clearance processes and achieve better outcomes.

At Aument, we continue to refine our app to support our clients in navigating the complexities of clearance sales. Our goal is to provide the tools and insights necessary for businesses to turn their clearance sales into strategic advantages.

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