How Immortale Ride boosted relevance and recovery rate

David Guzman at Immortale Ride told me just how they’ve been growing revenue, recovery lost sales, and staying top-of-mind for shoppers.

How do you use Aument at Immortale Ride?

Guzman: I use Aument to build and send our monthly promotions and newsletters about new releases. We originally installed it to recover abandoned carts but found it has many more functionalities. The platform is super user-friendly and is helping me contact thousands of site visitors every month. Aument holds onto shoppers who leave the site without checking out, we’re bringing back 4 of every 20 abandoned carts with this app. That’s a relevance and revenue booster for us. 

How does Aument compare to other solutions?

Guzman: It automates everything perfectly and, in contrast to other automation tools in Shopify, it doesn’t require any coding.

What I like is that I don’t need an engineer to help me, anyone can start using it without any knowledge of technology or code. I’m studying marketing while I work for Immortale so I know that even people with little marketing experience, perhaps a salesperson, could use Aument to draw customers in with just a few clicks. I only open Aument once or twice a month —  that’s enough to be recovering lost sales at all times and attracting new shoppers with product launch emails.

Is Aument suited to your market segment?

Guzman: It’s actually been easy for us to use Aument on two brands of ours, one of which has a higher price point and demands more informative communications, rather than offer-based marketing. For our second brand, Shark, I like that we’re using email to stay relevant with a demographic group that doesn’t use social media as much as Immortale’s followers.

Did Aument provide any unexpected benefit?

Guzman: Surprisingly, I’ve been able to learn more about how Shopify works through using Aument, as well as staying on top of sales dates. For example, Cyber Monday and Black Friday had slipped my mind, but I logged into Aument and there was a prompt to create a campaign from themed templates, the same happened ahead of Fifa, Christmas, etc.

Lastly, we didn’t necessarily expect to use Aument for newsletters. However, design options are so superior to alternatives, that I can get really creative with colors, texts, images, timers, and featured products. 

Do you see Aument as a short or long-term solution?

Guzman: Not only do shoppers see Aument’s emails and make a purchase, the fact that they received email marketing from us has also prompted many to call and ask if we stock parts that we didn’t even feature in the email, because they see us as comprehensive providers, thanks to Aument doing its job in the background. That makes Aument a long-term solution, but we’ve benefited in the short term through automation that recovers lost sales too.

We’re honored to be Immortale Ride and Shark Helmet‘s marketing automation tool of choice. Check out their stores for motorbike accessories and kits! 

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