4 founders sitting after investment funding SaaS to increase ecommerce sales
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The pre-seed investment that will increase ecommerce sales for online stores

All of us at Aument are thrilled to announce that in Miami, Florida on March 11, 2022, we closed a pre-seed funding round, with invesment led by Expa, a startup studio and VC launched by Uber co-founder, Garrett Camp, and The Rising Tide Network, an investor group launched by LEAP Global Partners.

Other strategic VCs joined the round, including Hive Hatch (Isaac Saldana, founder of Sendgrid), Matterscale (Fernando Fabre, former president of Endeavor Global), and top LatAm funds like H20 (backed by the founders of Tiger Global, Rappi and Kavak), Newtopia (Pato Jutard, founder of Mural) and Latitud (Brian Requarth, founder of Viva Real), as well as individual strategic investors such as Francisco Alvarez-Demalde (Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Riverwood Capital).

4 founders in branded Tshirt following funding round announcement pre-seed for startup unicorn

The team here at Aument will use this round to accelerate new feature releases for Shopify sellers, primarily more plug-and-play actions to improve conversion rate and boost revenue by generating repeat purchases.

We are perfecting the platform every day, because we know that fueling ecommerce stores sales will fuel our US growth. Soon, we plan to integrate with other ecommerce platforms on top of Shopify, in order to gain access to more than 8 million online stores.

We’re so proud and keen to welcome amazing investors that believe in our vision, to transform data into relevant communications, no matter the channel, and make it accessible to every ecommerce brand in the world. Our pre-seed round signals coming opportunities for ecommerce owners looking to lean into 2022’s marketing automation trends.

As marketing products online becomes more complex by the day, due to the rise of algorithms, increased challenges around customer privacy regulations, rising digital advertising costs and constantly evolving consumer behavior, we’re here to simplify the journey.

We founded Aument having spotted a gap between access to customer data and the capacity of small and middle-sized ecommerce brands to actually use it, meaningfully. Not all companies can access talented data scientists, growth marketers, and engineers to take advantage of all their customer data. To bridge this gap, we built a toolbox of automations, so that brands of any size can increase ecommerce sales by setting up plug-and-play actions that drive purchases, at the click of a button.

This funding round is a dream-come-true for us all, but we’re just getting started! If you want to stay up to date with our latest features and the coming milestones, follow Aument on LinkedIn and join in the automation conversation!

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