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Marketing techniques to shine as a store for Small Business Saturday 2022

If you’re like most people who wonder when Small Business Saturday is this year, it’s the Saturday that comes right after Thanksgiving. The origin of the date lies in 2010, when American Express established Small Business Saturday to support emerging businesses with more attention and, crucially, more sales. It’s a call to bigger companies to participate in initiatives and activities in support of various growing businesses. 

With entrepreneurship on the rise across the world, Small Business Saturday is fast becoming a popular holiday tradition. Since store owners are searching for the best Shopify apps to increase sales at this time of year, here are 4 of the best marketing techniques for your store on small business Saturday 2022. 

1. Plan unique activities 

Organize a campaign that resonates with your potential and existing customers. Once you’ve drafted out your events for that day, start creating buzz by posting your plans on various social media platforms. 

Social media marketing is essential, as is email marketing. Aument is the easiest way to send out tailored emails to your existing customers ahead of Small Business Saturday. 

A community calendar is another effective way to promote special activities. You can use it to post the event and share flyers as Small Business Saturday draws close.

You can also run innovative discounts and competitions for people who hype the event on their own social media.

2. Partner with other stores and your community

Partnering with other stores is a good way to increase your market reach. However, it’s essential that the partner is not someone who falls into your list of competitors but rather one that complements your business. Partnerships increase your chances of reaching a wider audience and encourage a healthy culture of businesses promoting each other. This marketing strategy is called cross-promotion. 

Community engagement is important for ensuring your planned events for that day are successful. So, engage both stores’ customers to gain exposure and traction before the event using copy that links your brands. For example, a soap shop and fragrance store might partner and write: “everything you need to smell good, from your favorite fragrance shop and our partners against grime!”

3. Staff your store behind the scenes

Small Business Saturday might seem like a boring shopping holiday compared to Cyber Monday or Black Friday. However, with proper staff and service preparation, it can be really memorable. For this, the personal touch is key

Customers who are on the internet searching for “small business Saturday near me” should be able to see the difference in your approach to their first interaction with your business. For this, you need to ensure all your team is properly trained to attend to customers in the lead-up to and on small business Saturday. Consider sharing a photo on social media of your staff with a special welcome message to invite everyone to visit your website. 

Apart from offering top-notch customer service, you should also ensure your business is stocked with top-selling items to keep up with a rise in demand. 

4. Give your customers a place at the table

All year round, ecommerce’s selling strategy is to make shoppers feel special. For customers to form a special bond with your store, offer them goodie bags, discounted products, or even special offers for when they make a future purchase. 

Applying customer feedback is also a great way to make shoppers feel heard. Consider providing a logbook for customers to share their  email and any comments they might have. It’s a way to make them feel you cherish their patronage. You can then use the logbook to follow up on their comments and complaints and show you’ve made improvements. 

While Small Business Saturday lasts a day, the effects of making shoppers feel special can last all year. Those who had a great experience will likely tell their friends and families to patronize you. Direct referrals from existing customers are arguably the most effective marketing strategy. 

Ready to market your store for Small Business Saturday? 

Take a pick from our list and get started! If you want to set up a campaign to market your store ahead of this and other important dates, install Aument on your store today!

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